so i begin yet another blog.

I have many…. i want only one. Some serve a real purpose, most are merely a place for me to vent. To dump out of my head the things that keep bouncing around in there bumping into things I need to focus on, knosking them out of my concentration area. If i don’t dump those things somethere… they just keep bouncing around.

Then… someone i know, love, and/or care about finds it… which – in and of itself is kool – I’m an open book. I love to communicate. I long to be known – really known – by someone who really cares to know me.

However… it’s inevitable that I will begin to withold those things I desperately need to dump… because I fear they will read, misunderstand, or mistake me… time goes by… I end up in a personal funk, because i have no safe zone in which to dump…. so in time… another blog is born.


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